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Upgrading Your Advantage Burnpot

Replacing the burnpot in your Advantage II Pellet Stove
One of the most popular replacement parts in a pellet stove is the burnpot. Burnpots are replaced on a fairly regular basis depending on how often you use your stove. If the metal has burnt through, you have holes, or are missing bars in the burn pot it is time to replace it.

Identifing the correct burnpot

Uni-Grate Style Burnpots

How do you know which burnpot is correct? The easiest way to tell is to look at your old burnpot. Whitfield used the Uni-Grate style burnpot on the Advantage II, Advantage II-T and Advantage III models with serial numbers below 43,377. The original Uni-Grate had a burn grate that had holes in the bottom and was replaceable. The burn grate lifts out of the Uni-Grate and has holes drilled in the bottom. The burn grate measures 6 7/16″ long.

10 Bar Uni-Grate

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