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Can I run my stove with the problem bypassed ?

This is extremely dangerous and we strongly advise not to do this. Your stove should never operate without all necessary components properly installed. Bypassing a switch is for diagnostic purposes only and should never be the solution. For instance, a loss of proper air flow is most often the result of a dirty stove rather than a defective vacuum switch. Continuing to run the stove with the vacuum switch bypassed would only make the problem worse and may cause a fire in the exhaust system or venting. Snap discs are included as a safety feature. Operating the stove with any of the snap discs bypassed increases the risk of damaging other parts in the stove and could cause a house fire. Baffles, firebrick and burn plates help insulate the stove, running the stove without these barriers can damage other parts and may lead to a house fire.

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