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Troubleshooting the Blowers:

Blowers keep running: Once the stove is switched off, both blowers should continue to operate until the low limit switch shuts them down in the cool down cycle. If the blowers will not stop running, the low limit switch is…
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When Does My Whitfield Stove Need to be Cleaned?

Remember to ALWAYS unplug the stove and let it cool completely before attempting any maintenance task. The frequency of performing routine maintenance will vary depending on many variables including fuel ash content, stove usage, and installation factors. Periodically (daily –…
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What causes excessive soot & ash?

Whitfield stoves are designed to operate on top grade wood pellet fuel. Whitfield does not recommend agricultural pellets like corn. Try switching to higher quality pellets if you are experiencing high ash build up or frequent clinkers in the firebox….
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