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Troubleshooting the Blowers:

Blowers keep running:
Once the stove is switched off, both blowers should continue to operate until the low limit switch shuts them down in the cool down cycle. If the blowers will not stop running, the low limit switch is most likely stuck closed. Either bypass the switch or use a multimeter to check for voltage. Inspect the stove wiring for frays or broken connections. Otherwise, the control board may need to be repaired or replaced.

Blowers not running:
The convection fan should be operated on a speed equal to or higher than the fuel feed rate to prevent the blower from shutting off. If the blowers will not come on when the stove starts, begin by checking for power to the stove. Next, inspect the wire connections between the high limit snap switch and the terminal block. If the wires are fine try bypassing the high limit switch. To bypass, the first step is to unplug your stove so you don’t accidentally short out your control board. After that, you can use a jumper wire, or a paper clip to make a connection between the two contacts. After you have done this plug your stove back in if your problem is fixed this is the sensor you need to replace. If no change occurs with the high limit sensor bypassed then you may have a faulty blower. We suggest bench testing the blower outside of the stove by connecting the blower to wall power. As soon as the motor is connected to power the impeller should start up right away and spin very fast.

If the blower and the high limit switch pass inspection, the control board may need to be repaired or replaced.

Note: Some Whitfield models require lubricating the combustion blower motor after every 6 months of continuous operation. This is only necessary if the motor has ports for oil. Fasco, the motor manufacturer, recommends using synthetic bearing oil like Anderol 465 to keep motors lubricated. If the convection fan motor makes a screeching sound, it is ready to be replaced.

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