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Which model do I have?

Many Whitfield customers express confusion on how to find their stove model number, especially with the Advantage models. The best way is to refer the stove safety label found inside the hopper lid or sometimes on the back of the stove. The serial number is proceeded by “WH-“. Locate the date of manufacture which is also notated on the safety label for accurate identification.

Note: Whitfield Quest owners can easily identify whether they have the Quest or Quest Plus model by examining the shape of the hole in the firebrick. Pellets feed through an oval feed hole in the standard Quest model. Pellets feed through a rectangular opening in the Quest Plus model.

Model Number:Serial Number Range:Date Range:
Advantage I100 – 7,1001985 – 1989
Advantage II7,101 – 18,0001989 – 1990
Advantage II-T18,145+1990 - 2000
Advantage III18,145+1991 - 1996
Advantage II-T Classic75,864+2002+


  1. Jim Callaway

    I have a pellet insert. Im trying to figure out what model it is so i can get owners manual. It has a serial number of WH-57253 and was manufactred in November of 1992

    1. Amy Beitzel (Post author)

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for reaching out to us. Would you be able to take a photo of the metal tag with that serial number and email it to support@stove-parts-unlimited.com? If you can take a few photos of the stove as well we would be happy to check into this for you and see if we can assist in identifying the stove model. We have quite a few manuals in our database. Feel free to email or call 406-272-9850 if you have any other questions or concerns. Have a great day!

  2. Penny All

    Good information! My dad had a similar issue and was able to overcome it. I pray the issue is solved in a timely manner. 🙂


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